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If you would like to request an appointment for a future day and time, please fill out the form below. Upon submission, a member of our staff will follow up with you directly to confirm scheduling. If you have any other questions, please contact our office at (260) 306-0239. We look forward to seeing you soon!


    Dr. Palladino is very knowledgeable and I recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor in the area.

    - Eracleo Vallejo

    Dr. Palladino has been my chiropractor for several years now. Being a multi sport athlete for over 20 years I have been seen by many chiropractors for routine adjustments as well as for more severe injuries. I can say hands down the care you receive from Matt is far above any care you will get elsewhere. Matt has made himself available to my family and I after hours and even on weekends when I’ve needed an emergency adjustment. You won’t find a better place to improve your health and wellness than Manchester Health and Spine! Highest recommendation.

    - Matthew Maher

    Dr. Palladino saw my 13-year-old son last year while he was having quite a bit of knee and foot pain. He was having trouble running and constantly complained about his knees & feet hurting. Dr. Palladino asked great questions, treated my son like an adult, and provided a treatment course that worked fabulously. Knee & foot pain gone...and hasn't come back.

    - Matt Burlingame

    If you're looking for a chiropractor, go see Dr. Matt at Manchester Health and Spine!!! You will not be disappointed. I started going to Dr. Matt 2 years ago. What my family doctor first thought was a back problem, Dr. Matt was able to quickly identify as a hiatal hernia. He was able to work a couple of weeks on the hernia and I haven't had a problem since. Now I go to see Dr. Matt for mainly just maintenance care on my back. I used to live with back pain every day. But not anymore! And if I do have a bad day of the day, I know I can call the office and they will get me in ASAP. I know I can go in, tell Dr. Matt what my problem is, and he will take care if it. So go see Dr. Matt if you are looking for something new! He wants to get to know you as a patient and as an individual. And no one's treatment is the same. How do I know? Because my husband goes to see Dr. Matt as well. And what Dr. Matt does for him, is different than what I have done. We've driven 25 minutes to be under Dr. Matt's care and now we drive 2 minutes. But I would gladly keep driving 25 minutes if I had to. It's seriously worth it!

    - Carissa Buzbee

    Matt has saved me from days of missed work and hours of suffering. I was having regular migraines. I went to Matt and, within a couple of visits, I saw a massive reduction. I stopped going for a couple of weeks early on and learned my lesson. I came back and Matt kept on working his magic. I still have more to go to get things fully worked out, but Matt is fantastic. I'm not big on the snapping and the popping (touching in general), but Matt is gentle and understanding. Definitely go and give it a try. Have a movement assessment while you're at it to understand your opportunities to improve your mobility to be able to do more in a healthy way. I definitely recommend Manchester Health and Spine. Katie is a rockstar!

    - David Grant

    Dr.Palladino is committed to giving an incredible patient experience. You're lucky to have him in your town. Don't hesitate to schedule a consult today if you're dealing with pain or a health condition you want to be resolved.

    - Jenna Rasche

    Really enjoy having Dr. Palladino as a chiropractor, followed him from his practice in warsaw to north manchester. Very knowledgeable and is always willing to work with his patients with anything they need.

    - Michael Rodgers

    Dr. Matt is the best! I've been seeing him for a couple of years now and with routine visits, I am able to keep my migraines, neck and low back pain away!

    - Laura Hand

    I've been going to Matt regularly for a couple of months and have seen great results! I started out with significant and chronic pain, concentrated mainly in my lower back but also in my mid-back and neck. When I started I had difficulty bending over to tie my shoes but am now much more mobile and flexible. I also used to suffer from regular headaches due to back and neck tightness but these are essentially gone now. I'm still a work in progress but am very happy with Matt's treatment and my results. I strongly recommend Manchester Health and Spine to anyone who seeks relief from pain!

    - Aaron

    Amazing with my daughter who is 5 years old. I came in with 1 problem and he helped me solve several just by getting her adjusted. She hops right on the table and is ready to go. He is fast and efficient.

    - Mariah West

    Very professional and friendly staff. Dr. Matt is the most gentle chiropractor I have experienced and has helped my hips and neck immensely.

    - Cindy Gackenheimer

    Matt has been excellent in addressing my specific needs. He has significantly reduced my pain. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I’m extremely satisfied with the service.

    - Eric Rockefeller

    I have been going to Dr. Matt regularly for about two years and gladly followed him to his new office. I had just had hip surgery and have chronic lower back issues. He has made a significant difference in my lower back in a few visits that other chiropractors have not been able to help with after many visits. He also put together a program to help strengthen my hip. I always leave my adjustments feeling so much better than when I walked in. I couldn't recommend Dr. Matt more!

    - Lynley Hiser

    Great place. Very clean facility. The staff is amazing. I have been seeing Dr. Palladino for years. Highly recommended

    - Arturo Garcia

    Matt has been the best chiropractor who has worked on me and with me. He is very personable and cares about his patients truly. When I first started seeing him I was at the end of my rope thinking I needed surgery but not after Matt worked with and got everything lined up. I tell everyone to see him!!!

    - Elizabeth Kapp

    We are very fortunate to have Dr. Matt Palladino join our community. In just a matter of a few weeks, he was able to alleviate the sharp pains running down my right leg, relieve the tightness in my lower back and improve my digestion. The staff is super friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for some gentle relief I highly recommend Dr. Matt.

    - Angie Briner

    Dr. Matt is a great chiro. Always a great experience with him!

    - Jake Peterson

    Manchester Health and Spine is an excellent facility with an excellent staff. Dr. Palladino is a very professional chiropractor and I have trusted him for some time now. Give Manchester Health and Spine a try, you will be glad that you did.

    - Justin Gunter

    I can't speak more highly of Dr. Mat and his staff here at the clinic. As someone who has struggled with chronic low back pain since I was a teenager, being able to find a chiropractor who is able to help relieve that pain is a must. I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved dramatically, with my pain sometimes being upwards around an 8 prior to going to Dr. Palladino, and now the worse it gets is probably around a 3. Not all chiropractors are the same, you'll always get good and bad ones, but Dr. Palladino is a cut above the rest. Highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed if you go.

    - Pere Ventura

    I have been a patient for four months to find help for chronic back pain. Dr. Palladino did an in-depth assessment followed by a thorough explanation and treatment schedule. He has helped me with nutrition and exercise. He, Katie, and Marah are like family to me now.

    - Karen Bechtold

    Dr. Matt and Katie are the real deal! They care about your health, take time to answer questions, and are very friendly. Highly recommend!

    - Tifani Gocmen

    I'm feeling so much better! The staff is wonderful kind and understanding so glad I decided to come and check on them out.

    - Grayson Stephens

    Thoughtful, professional, and all-around excellent care is what you’ll get when you visit Dr. Matt for your chiropractic care!

    - Sinan Gocmen

    Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and personable. He treated me efficiently, while also taking time to explain my condition and giving me practical ways that I can participate in my own treatment by doing exercises and making lifestyle changes on my own. I’ve seen a big difference in my pain levels and have experienced improvements in my sleep and energy levels. I highly recommend Manchester Health and Spine.

    - Marah Grant

    I started seeing Matt a few weeks ago. My neck pain was pretty severe with daily headaches that would turn to migraines by the end of the day. I love how he works with you to help you heal and isn't about getting you in and out to see you every month for eternity. Much different than the previous chiropractic care I've had. Thankful for so much relief already! The staff is all very friendly and so great with our kids while I get an adjustment. Highly recommend!!

    - Cody Meeks

    I was seeing Dr. Matt at his old location and after trying to tough it out with the remaining staff after he left, just wasn't happy with my chiropractic care and found myself avoiding going. This led to my headaches and some other back tension coming back in full force. SO I decided that Dr. Matt is worth the drive and immediately saw my headaches and stiffness improve. In addition to being good at his job, he is also personable, and will gladly explain what he's doing. I also feel he is concerned with my overall health in addition to just seeing me for a quick adjustment. The staff at the front desk are also awesome, friendly, and helpful!

    - Hannah Ogden

    I have had migraines about once a month for a very long time. Dr. Palladino has helped me so much by significantly diminishing the frequency of my migraines. I have my life back again and have the energy for my family! Thank you!

    - Beth Brown

    Dr. Matt is wonderful. He has helped me be able to do the normal everyday things I wasn't able to do. I am much more mobile. The staff is great and very friendly.

    Susan Bushong

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Matt for many yrs in Warsaw and was excited to hear he was opening an office in North Manchester. He has helped me a lot over the yrs with low back pain, vertigo, sinuses, wrist pain, and very bad sciatica. I was nearly ready to turn to surgery with my sciatica, but he patiently explained the process and encouraged me he was seeing a difference while reminding me how far I’d come already. He was right, that particular issue did take time with me, but he worked it out and I can now walk with a bounce in my step again. I’m so thankful for what he has done for me and my health. He is professional, takes time to listen but also explain the body’s process, gives home exercise ideas, and is friendly.The office is clean and updated, and his staff is phenomenal. I highly recommend them !!

    Jenny Moore

    Dr. Matt is wonderful! He's knowledgeable and friendly, and since visiting his office I notice a difference in the way I move at the gym and during day-to-day tasks. The staff is always friendly and the office is always clean.

    - Kayla Fletcher

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Wait times for appointments are minimal, if not absent. Reasonably priced. My back feels better than it has in a long time.

    - Spencer Mathews

    Great place with excellent service. Always quick, clean, and professional. Have been to a few different places over the years but have not experienced anywhere better.

    - Amanda Wilderman

    Matt and Katie run an outstanding practice that goes well beyond your typical chiro experience. They are very detailed with the initial exam and willing to go the extra mile to help not only back issues but other health issues as well. Matt has helped me with shoulder, elbow, and foot issues as well as keeping my spine health on point. I highly recommend Manchester Health and Spine.

    - J.C. Stookey

    Been having feet issues for yrs! Heel pain. Dr found my issue and got me the right exercise plan together. And also the right insole to help rebuild my arch. Which in return has to help my pain issues get better. They are very personable and caring to get your issues fixed. Highly recommend using them. Thank you!

    - Eric Stallsmith

    After hurting my back picking up my kid I wasn’t very helpful around the house. Dr. Matt really helped eliminate my pain, and increase my agility so I could get my life back. Super kind and gentle doc, highly recommended.

    - Trevor Minton

    Dr.Palladino is amazing chiropractor! I highly recommend him if you have any neck or low back pain. He will take real good care of you!

    - Jae Chang

    The service I received here was nothing short of excellent. From reception to the adjustment of my spine - everything was easy and painless. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. The rates are just as good as their service. I have been a patient in the past and will continue to be. I can't wait to see their new location in North Manchester. I have an appointment next week.

    - Tim Eshleman

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